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About DOSI Vault

A blockchain wallet for LINK (LN) users can store and manage safely

  • Non-custodial Wallet

    Non-custodial Wallet that user own and use

  • Easy to Join Wallet

    User-friendly Wallet for easy sign-up by using Google login

  • Economic Wallet

    Wallet with fast transfer speeds and low gas fee

  • Scalable Wallet

    Web and mobile app-based wallet service

DOSI Vault-BETA User Manual

  1. Install the official DOSI Vault

    Install the official DOSI Vault

    Beta users should delete the pre-existing DOSI Vault-Beta version by clicking the [Delete from Chrome] button on the DOSI Vault page in the Chrome Web Store. Once the DOSI Vault-Beta version has been deleted, 
click the [Add to Chrome] button to install the official version.

    Make sure to back up your mnemonic seed or private key before deleting the DOSI Vault-Beta version


  1. Q

    What is DOSI Vault?

    DOSI Vault is a non-custodial wallet* exclusively for LINK (LN) that users can directly manage and use.

    *A non-custodial wallet means a wallet that individuals have full control of. Users have full control over their private keys and assets.

  2. Q

    What kind of assets does DOSI Vault handle?

    Only LINK (LN) will be supported for storage and deposit/withdrawal. Any NFT related wallet service including transfer and NFT deposit and withdrawal is not supported. DOSI Vault is separate wallet from DOSI Wallet.

  3. Q

    Which exchanges can DOSI Vault transfer LINK (LN) to?

    Bithumb, Huobi,, and MEXC are available for LINK (LN) transfer using DOSI Vault. It is not possible to transfer LINK (LN) to an exchange other than the exchange specified above, and the exchange list may  change depending on the any situation and conditions. 

    *LINK (LN) deposit and withdrawal policies may vary by exchange, It is separate from DOSI Vault's policy or service.
    *LINK (LN) is available at LINE BITMAX, but due to the internal policy of the exchange, LINK (LN) deposit and withdrawal using DOSI Vault-BETA is not available.
    *In the case of Bithumb, LINK (LN) deposit from DOSI Vault is available, but deposited LINK (LN) at Bithumb cannot be withdrawn to DOSI Vault-BETA by policy of Bithumb.