• Precautions

    Precautions Before Using DOSI Vault

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    About DOSI Vault

  • Wallet Account

    I wish to know how to manage and use wallet account

  • Deposit, Transfer

    I wish to deposit and transfer FINSCHIA (FNSA)


  • What should I be aware of when using DOSI Vault?

    • DOSI Vault does not collect any personal information from users.

    • DOSI Vault does not ask for or collect the users’ seed phrases or private keys.

    • All usage rights and responsibilities of DOSI Vault belong to the user.

    • If the user loses the seed phrase or private key of DOSI Vault, the account and assets in the account cannot be recovered. All responsibility lies with the user.

    • DOSI Vault never sends direct messages or mails to users.

  •  A DOSI Vault representative asks for the mnemonic seed. Can I tell them?

    You should not give out your mnemonic seed to anyone. When the mnemonic seed is exposed, anyone can acquire ownership of the account and transfer assets. So, please ensure security.

    Also, if the mnemonic seed is stored using an email or memo service, the mnemonic seed may be exposed through the hacking of the account. Therefore, it is recommended to store it safely offline (recorded by hand on paper) if possible.

  • I forgot my mnemonic seed. Is there any way to recover it?

    DOSI Vault does not store information related to your private key and mnemonic seed. If your private key and mnemonic seed is lost, your account cannot be recovered under any circumstances.